OPTM Healthcare Provides Natural Therapeutic Treatment for Slip Disc

OPTM slip disc

Hectic lives in the new age urban society are often surrounded by nerve-racking environs. Stacked under the enormous pressure of our tedious work life coupled with a high-end social standing, continually pushes us to the edge of our physical strength, taking a toll on our health and body. This is exactly the reason to which the much prevalent problem of slip disc can be attributed, among other factors. Slip disc, also known as herniated or prolapsed disc, basically denotes a bodily condition, wherein the disc located in the spine detaches out itself, causing the leakage of the inner gel. It also adversely impacts the sciatic nerve, the nerve with the largest diameter in our body.

Hence, pain spreads onto the cervical, thoracic and lumbar parts of the spine, often extending as far as legs and arms. Stretched work hours with continuous sitting or standing, sudden twisting and turning, traffic- troubled long driving and lifting heavy objects are the major causes of the condition. Furthermore, it can also be blamed onto the rapidly increasing obesity rate, again due to unsound health practices like eating junk food or even the prolonged eating intervals.

Even though, it is quite unlikely to prevent a slipped disk but steps can be taken to ensure a minimum risk. Using safe lifting techniques like bending and lifting from knees not waist, maintaining a healthy body weight, periodic stretching, shifting positions, appropriate exercising, avoiding abrupt twists & turns can be some basic pointers to follow. But once you have it, there are distinct signs like extreme & prolonged pain, bedtime rise in pain, numbness and irrelevant feebleness in muscles and severe tingling or burning sensation also.

These days, people are often directed to surgical procedures too soon. At OPTM Healthcare, we extensively promote more natural and safer modes of treatment like physiotherapy and healing massages for pain relief. Patients are often, unknowingly, given a more severe treatment for sheer lack of information about better options and of course, lesser money-making procedures. Our competent yet compassionate team of experienced physicians give the right therapeutic treatment and has an excellent record of successfully cured slip disc patients merely with massages and therapies. To diminish the pain slowly but permanently by a more organic regimen is the mantra followed under the guidance of Dr. Apurba Ganguly, inventor and practitioner of 100% natural medical care with absolute recovery.


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